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a proud affiliate of Canada's great bookseller,


An interesting site devoted to the discussion of watches, including a forum in which one may sell, buy, or trade watches. My own domain name. I am a hobbyist who occasionally sells watches, particularly contemporary pieces.
My eBay page
Same as above, except that this is where I place watches for auction.
Finer Times Watch Marketplace
Again, you'll find me selling watches here.
Where to buy a Watch
A good article, particularly if one is searching for a higher-end watch.
Ralf Haeffner Jeweler (GER)
A very reputable German watch merchant. Has a nice stock of Sinn, among other brands.
The gentlemanly Ernie Romers presides over this site, which is very similar in nature to Watch Forum and Timezone.
Orologi Online (IT)
An online journal (in Italian) of watches, including an annual index. Stunning pictures.
My review of the Orient Diver's Watch
I enjoy Orient brand watches, and feel that they are a great value but very underappreciated in the United States.
My review of the Tag Heuer 2000 Chronograph
A nice watch. but very overpriced.
My review of the Invicta Speedway, which is the watch that I wear daily.

My review of the Omega Dynamic Chronograph Sometimes coveting a watch is better than actually wearing it.
My review of the Ebel Sportwave
This was a nice watch that I almost regret selling.
Sinn (GER) - my favourite watch manufacturer
If one is partial to substantial, rugged watches, do visit this site.
Time2watch's excellent set of watch-related links
A colleague from Montreal, Marc, has put together this fine set of links.
H.P. Brugger's Time Design Watch Directory (GER)
H.P. Brugger is another fine German merchant. He specializes in "design" watches.
Watch Forum's List of Watch Dealers
Another useful resource for one seeking to acquire a timepiece.
Eddie Platts' Time Factors (UK)
A very reputable merchant from the home of "The Full Monty"
Ed Loebl, The Watchseller
Ed Loebl defines "good guy" and has a nice selection of timepieces at various price points.
Uhrmageriet - Danish Vintage watchmaker and merchant (DK)
An intriguing site (in Danish) that seems to have nice, older, Omegas.
Click here to see the exact time anywhere in the world!
I use this source to set my watches and to verify their accuracy.
The most-visited of the watch forums. Interesting and very imperfect.
Mirai (JP)
Has a full list of Asia-only Seikos.
Higuchi-Inc (JP)
Similar to Mirai, but less expensive.
Watch auctions ending today on eBay
Bid carefully and wisely, my friends.
Bernard Watch - a fine reseller of watches
Very good prices on contemporary pieces and excellent service.


A leader in web-based discussion on issues ranging from music to social issues. - all ads, all the time
You'll need Quick Time, but if you have it you can see some great ads.
NPR's "Fresh Air" program archive
One of my favourite radio shows. Excellent archive with Real Audio files.
Webdelsol - compendium of great creative writing e-zines
Mike Neff, the editor, is a genius and pioneer of the online written word.
"K Chronicles" Comic Archive SF-based Keith Knight is the best young comic in the nation. Also has a great band, The Marginal Prophets.
Bartleby Library - Great Books online
An important, yet difficult to navigate, source.
Enjoying Shakespeare's "King Lear"
One of my favourite English plays.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Some of the best parts of the site require membership, still worth a look.
Perhaps the best e-zine. Good news coverage, in-depth social commentary.
The Onion
Remarkably funny e-zine.
Conjunctions - the Web forum for innovative writing
Good, if somewhat academic, source.
UPenn Library listing of electric journals
Good set of links.
Can be very relevant, sometimes hard to follow.
Utne Reader
A wonderful print magazine, the site is not as good.
Good content, very confusing site layout. Salon is much better.
The Washington Post
Very thorough news site.
The Suck Filler is poignant. A good daily site.
Great in print, not yet much of a site.
The Economist (UK)
Very expensive to obtain in print, the site falls short but is still worth visiting.
Worldwide News Sources on the Web
Quite a complete set of links.


Cote d'Or chocolate
A superb site, replete with Flash-based fun. Try to avoid drooling on the monitor..
Epicurious Food Index from Conde Nast
Complete, and important.
Best Fares - airfare and hotels
Some of the site is pay, but good free portions.
Dean and Deluca
Fine gourmet shop, very overpriced.
Northwest Airlines Cybersavers
Unbelievable airfare deals if you want to travel on short notice.
Interesting idea - finds sales near your place of residence.
Red Tag Outlet
Very good sales but little selection.
All Things Dutch
A must for all fans of stroopwafels and dark liquorice. Very friendly and good prices.
California Pizza Kitchen
Do try their Peking Duck pizza.
The Cheesecake Factory
Huge portions, delicious food, fourteen page menu.
Excellent gourmet take-out restaurant and bakery. Good sushi bar.
Expensive but very well-stocked with just what you're looking for. Superb dress shirts.
King of Shaves - best shave oil in the world
Worth a try - a great, close shave.
Netrition - best source for engineered foods
Good deals on protein powders and MetRx products.
Bluefly Good closeout prices on designer clothing and accessories.
Marks and Spencer One of my favourite stores, but the big tease is that the site is UK-only.
I know they don't need my help, but I enjoy the Yukon Blend.
Very interesting Spanish foods site. Wildly tasty smoked salmon-stuffed olives.
The Territory Ahead
Nice clothes, but very overpriced.
Excellent outdoor store, has all you need.
Ethnic Grocer
Not much stock, but some good products at fair prices.
Some hard-to-find gourmet foods here.
Peet's Coffee
Berkeley's famous coffee. Try the Major Dickason's Blend.
Trader Joe's
The king of inexpensive, well-stocked gourmet grocers.
Barrington Coffee
Another good coffee site - try their Indian Myore.


Ikea (S)
Used to be great and inexpensive. At least it's still great.
Retro (NL)
Good people and intriguing design products. Some nice pens and watches.
Style 365
Strange site, difficult to navigate, but some nice wares.


The most "pure" search engine. No frills, just good results.
Northern Light
Breaks search results into somewhat useful categories.
Free overnight shipping and good selection of products.
Red Herring
The business of technology. Find your next killer IPO here.
Meta Tag Builder
We all need those pesky meta tags. This site build the tags for you.
Much better in print but worth a look.
Computershopper - great index
Need to stop here to compare prices and features.
Nutrend Computers (what I presently use)
I like Nutrend very much. Very inexpensive, outstanding customer service..


The place to go for books and music! Take advantage of the exchange rate and save money over

Canadian Studies Resources A very useful Canadian Studies resources for the layperson and scholar alike.
Index of Canadian Magazines
Has some magazines I've never heard of. A complete site.
Montreal Restaurant Index Useful for tourists and natives alike. Read this before visiting my hometown.
Where I proudly did my undergraduate work Go Varsity Blues!
Journal de Montreal
Excellent French-language news source.
Air Canada
The embattled national carrier.
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal
My favourite hotel back home, followed closely by the Chateau Champlain and Queen Elizabeth.
CBC Radio's "As it Happens" Archive
Similar to NPR's "Fresh Air" - a very entertaining and informative program on Real Audio.
CBC Radio Homepage
The national treasure.
Where I went to graduate school
Go Redmen!
Nigel Parry's Bruce Cockburn Project A remarkable Bruce Cockburn site and has published a recent article I have written.
Top 100 Canadian Books of All Time You decide whether you agree with the list - let me know!
Canada's most comprehensive restaurant site.
National Post
The eternal financial news source.
Le Droit newspaper
French-language source from Ottawa.
Saturday Night Magazine
Nice redesign of Canada's great magazine.
The Hudson's Bay Company
The once-great trading post and department store. "Six beaver pelts, please."
Canada Post
A nightmare, but a neccessity.
Holt Renfrew
Very upscale women's shop.
University of Toronto Bookroom
Huge store with an excellent selection.
Radio-Canada en francais
Les nouvelles en direct.
The Montreal Gazette
Good paper, only a fair web site.
Canada's national magazine and a nice web site.
Roots A great Canadian clothing shop. Good search engine and site from
Canadian Football League
Oh, how I lament the impending demise of the once-grand league

I am a resident expert in the "Watches and Watchmaking" category.
Lousy site, but lists some good deals on good and services.
Route Master
Excellent for driving directions.
Tons of opinions on just about everything from vacuums to cars.
Consolidates all the newsgroups into one confusing site.
Good travel guide and reservation service.
ESPN Online What's up in the world of sports.
Maven - the portal to the Jewish world Very comprehensive site on all things Jewish.
TotalCast NCAA Men's Basketball Real-real time scores and statistics.
AMG All-Music Guide
A complete and useful guide.
Noriko Kuwabara's
Handmade gifts from SF.
Weather Underground
Good weather source.

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